Ph: Life: Whale Speak

Poem By Brian Johnston

Who would presume to speak for whales
And yet who would not speak for them?
Their poetry of depths unknown
The power in their mighty tales
The transport of deep rumbling hymn
Excited bursts from blowholes blown.
Jubilant breach touching the skies
Their world proclaimed in ghostly cries.

What sounds are music to their ears,
What strange rhythms suit their fancy,
With what clarity do whale's see,
What sights would move a whale to tears,
What blue thoughts might make them antsy,
What God a whale's true deity,
What somber rites end natural death,
What whale fears come with end of breath?

Two extremes divided by sands,
We populate air, sea's their home,
Oh, the things both take for granted!
We're both strangers in stranger lands-
To bruise your feet under sky's dome,
By sun, stars, and rainbow enchanted,
To float your whole life without thirst
Till harpoon informs you are cursed.

Plant eaters claim that they're better
But still kill their own kind in war.
One way or another, beaten
We all walk in chain or some fetter
Destined to be what we abhor.
In truth one eats or is eaten,
Whales too know the words of this song,
At least we all know we belong.

Comments about Ph: Life: Whale Speak

A true caring father for all...including whales. Ha! you have delivered this important message clearly. Well done!
I bet whales talk about us all the time and are especially critical of sonar blasts. Maybe humans tend to underestimate the higher mammals' language and their capacity to wonder. Anyway, it's a fascinating subject and a terrific poem!
i had a whale of a dream just last week; i can't tell you about it in this public place, but (hint, hint) think giant squid and hula girls. i've sent a private message but it doesn't pertain to girls or squids. READ IT NOW. ;) bri i think the rhyming, though nice, got in the way of the 'story'. who says whales can't be thirsty, just because they spend most of their time in water? water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink. sound familiar? [now i've read 'that' poem online and found one typo there i believe.] maybe large parts of their brains help control salt metabolism, sonar, and navigation? i wonder how many navy seals, green berets, or marines were/are vegetarians. hmmm? just some thoughts from good old bri. THANKS FOR SHARING. :) bri p.s. ok! i gotta ask ya [(i've got to ask you OR i have to ask you.............for you other-language-speaker members of PH) ], did you MEAN to write mighty tales or mighty tails? ? and belong to what? i rate the rhymes and rhyme scheme 10++. the story, understanding, proofreading i rate..................hmmmmm.............i'm thinking....................don't want to be too harsh..............8. :) p.p.s. i DO HIGHLY recommend Brian's poem PH: Animals: The Man Who Loved Lizards. he did NOT pay me to write that, but he should have.
Brian you wrote this poem superbly
great poem with a clear message...well done

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