Ph: Life: What Kind Of Ego?

Poem By Brian Johnston

What kind of ego is required to ignore
The obvious love of Creator and King,
As if there were profit in pushing aside,
The air that you breathe or the bird it's own wing.

His temple, your body, that you would destroy
And for what reason, just the blessing of life?
What blame does He share when you chose the wrong path,
For night dreams that slash at your soul like a knife.

What is the key to the peace that you're missing,
Where are the blessings we are all looking for,
If you're only help simply rests in yourself
You'll find loneliness is your one paramour!

Is there such shame in the sweet help of others,
And no pride when even new friends take your side?
Maybe there's something in you you're not seeing
That makes God's all knowing joy ‘fit to be tied.'

If He exists then aren't you His creation?
If He doesn't then is your anger in vain?
What does it cost to just trust His provision...
Watch water become wine, and tears turn to rain?

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