Ph: Love: ' Kimmy's Bliss 1' - A Hair And Nails Salon

Ad #1
New "NEW" shop ‘Kimmy's Bliss' will be coming and soon,
Find it easy to cry, hate to howl at the moon?
Kimmy's quality standard is 'sheer hair delight, '
You will marvel her prices are not out of sight.

Ad #2
‘Kimmy's Bliss' isn't flash or ‘movie star' cars,
But in ‘Hollywood Second' she'll hurtle your bars,
Kimmy's artist of fashion, a Queen on ‘Hair Street, '
Watch your blues and self-doubts slink away in defeat.

Ad #3
Are you longing for Spring, colors float in the air,
‘Kimmy's Bliss' is an answer for people who care,
With new color de rigueur and hairdos divine,
You will want to make Kimmy your new Valentine!

Ad #4
Find here chemistry, knowledge, skill, passion, and art,
You can get them here blended or served a la carte,
‘Kimmy's Bliss' is new product, like great hair care gel,
Kimmy's 'YELP' Five Star Ratings should all doubts dispel!

Ad #5
‘Kimmy's Bliss' means to serve you, to integrate dream,
Won't be leaving you bankrupt a bit down the stream,
Multi-talented people can help you reach goal,
You can walk in divided, return to life whole!

Ad #6
‘Kimmy's Bliss' "boss, " is Brian, writes poems for treat,
Kimmy's happy, for that means he's off of the street,
Answers phone and, if challenged, writes ‘Rhyme for a Dime! '
Hint: you ‘like' them, you might get a discount next time.

Ad #7
It seems drums in the jungle are restless tonight
You've an urge to break free, indulge new appetite,
Well, let Kimmy's Bliss' skills help you find a new trail,
Set aside life's split ends or try new "do" less pale.

Brian Johnston
July 29,2017

Poet's Notes:
My wife Kimmy will be opening a new hair styling and nail shop in the near future in Sunnyvale, CA and I am trying to help out by writing short poems that I hope then to use as newspaper advertisements. This poem is a collection of mini-adds I have written so far. Please tell us what you think. Any and all suggestions will be treasured! Ha! Thanks to Abekah Emmanual for the inspiration for Ad #7.

Also, a note of gratitude to the old ‘Burma Shave' adds along the highways of my youth.

by Brian Johnston

Comments (1)

Interesting ads....this new form of ads developed by Brian is wonderful. Using poetry for marketing purpose. I bet you, all poet's wife must see this.ha! And oh, thanks for the citation, at least am honoured to be in there. Great work!