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Ph: Love: ' Mai' Limerick Logic
(Jan.20,1943 / Oklahoma)

Ph: Love: ' Mai' Limerick Logic

Poem By Brian Johnston

Kimmy Mai has my 'heart' in her pocket, (1)
Does not need either ring or a locket,
Love like beer, always loan, (2)
Less fun drinking alone,
And a blast when you're riding a rocket!

Kimmy Mai 'owns the market' on care
And she's fearless when called on to share,
Those who treasure 'withhold, '
Don't know value of gold,
Grow up crippled when adults aren't there!

Kimmy Mai knows my heart is just mine,
And thinks sharing is better than fine,
To 'lose heart' means you die,
To pretend is to lie,
Heart in chains (on its face) asinine!

Kimmy Mai says she'll love me 'forever, '
Thinks I'm tall, handsome, naive, and clever,
Such gifts inborn not learned,
(So they can't be returned) ,
Still, her words move my world like a lever. (3)

Kimmy Mai knows my word is my bond,
Though there are bigger fish in the pond,
And she still chooses me!
'Oh, say can you see, ' (4)
'Over hill, over dale, ' (5) 'and beyond? ' (6)

Brian Johnston
August 1,2017

Poet's Notes:
(1) This line is a little misleading. You don't have a firm grip on something that is in your pocket, but you certainly have access! I like to think that my love is a gift that must be given daily for it always reverts to me when I sleep and must be consciously given the next morning again! No one can own another's love, nor is it possible to in fact give your love to another. That concept of love I think is a lie! It is clear why there are so many broken hearts!
(2) I have always enjoyed the witticism, 'You cannot buy beer, only rent it! ' I apply a parallel logic to 'love' as well in this verse!
(3) 'Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.' - Archimedes. Read me long enough, and I will expose you to a little science sooner or later. I may not believe in Donald Trump, but I believe in my readers!
(4) 'Oh say can you see! ' I compare Kimmy to the American flag and the best that it can stand for... immigrants united in one nation.
(5) 'Over hill, over dale' from the Army Caisson Song...I would go to war for Kimmy!
(6) 'and beyond! ' Quote from Buzz Lightyear. 'To infinity and beyond.' The only value beyond Kimmy (for me) is Science, (a gift from God) , and God Himself!

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Comments (2)

oh, cute play on words (i think it's one) in the title: Mai/My
i've experienced other PH poets, i believe, submitting limericks of MORE THAN five lines. this i thought would negate calling them limericks. but i see the resemblance certainly, and WHAT DIFFERENCE does it make anyway what we call the Form! ? so far i'm enjoying the poem, linked to the numbered notes. i wonder how many people feel as you do about 'hearts' and 'love'. hmm? it is 'different', your philosophy, or maybe lots of people believe likewise but don't publicize it. i DO know that i, bri, love myself FIRST AND FOREMOST! ! ! i throw a little love here and there, to my mate and child, but i think love, the word, is used to try to cover a lot of different situations, which, though convenient, makes for some lack of understanding. favorite line(s) so far: Still, her words move my world like a lever. ...........i think she must have a STRONG lever (and firm fulcrum) to move YOU! ! ! and Kimmy Mai knows my heart is just mine, And thinks sharing is better than fine, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - i like the inclusion of naive. care to explain it in a poem? ? she thinks you are tall? ? ? aren't you? or is she 4' 6 and every adult (and many kids) is TALLer than she is? Do you unfurl Kimmy Mai on the 'big' national holidays? ? do you do it by the dawn's early light? ? btw, no typos noticed.....so far. And good job using apostrophes on contractions! ! #5 sounds familiar. #6 not so much. how sweet is the last line of your Poet's Notes! ! ! Very! ! ! to MyPoemList. i assume she has read or had it read to her, the poem. Good boy! bri :)