Ph: Love: She Never Chose Me

Poem By Brian Johnston

She really never chose me as a friend.
At least not to my knowledge publicly,
(‘Or any other, ' she once claimed to me) .
Her photo album empty but for those
Whose supplicant entreaties did impose
Themselves upon her hospitality
Who asked for an honored place there in.
(She was somehow reluctant to offend)
But faces that appeared there were just men.

Although this was an honor I declined
I dreamt some day that I might be her love
She wanted love too, when push came to shove
Her verses filled with loneliness and pain
And yet it seemed only phantoms could gain
Access to charms which only she knew of
And though many suitors sought her classes
No single heart could ever claim her mind,
She offered only runes for the masses.

Though I may not be publicly chosen
In our verse I have fared somewhat better
For in poetry realms I still vet her
Sometimes echo her rhymes with my vision
That can sometimes influence decision,
And with softened reality whet her.
If not stake a claim, at least touch her mind
Truly see that her heart is not frozen,
And find her feelings for me more than kind.

Comments about Ph: Love: She Never Chose Me

Brian, this is amazing!
wonderfull write...your content and feelings always come up and leave a long lasting effect on every poet like me... but as in concern of this poems i'll say love just happens and it does'nt need anything in exchange..... all in all love is all i can say. keep writing to encourage and to inspire poets like me.. thanks a lot for this wonderfull write!
Brian, this poem is fantastic! Love it - another 10 - 10's! Intriguing poem, mysterious, it makes me want to know who this person is, that doesn't return your love. Maybe they are not really aware of how much you care. Why don't you just come out and say the truth of your heart to them, so there's no mistaking who you are speaking about in your poetry. Keep on writing Brian, I'm still reading and enjoying it. RoseAnn
a passionate decipher this one, u require time and emotions.that's what makes it beautiful........
I would say give the rose to the land that can grows it not the land that kill it...then u see more bloom comes than drying petals_Soul

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