(Jan.20,1943 / Oklahoma)

Ph: Love: Total Immersion

Imagine, if you can my dear, my body is
Like water that surrounds you, gentle in the morning
As you rise to consciousness' surface
And take your first breath of the new day,
For I (who always try to wake before you)
Am that living water that now holds your sleeping form
And listens to the language of sleep's rumbles
That cat-like, purr your pleasure to my touch,
Telegraph the peace you're feeling,
As my arms, my legs, and shape insinuate
Their way into your very dreams,
Adjusting to your slightest movement,
Mutual comfort moment's bliss.
Like liquid love, that fuels my being,
I feel my soul immersed in serving
Broad strokes that your dreams are painting,
The wholeness of the life you wake to,
The lover that you trust is real.

I have become silky cocoon
Your undomesticated pupa spun
In service to your chrysalis,
Am not myself at all at last,
But servant to your adult form,
Proud husband of your winged flight.

by Brian Johnston

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