Ph: Prayer: Death: Acceptance Accepted

She prayed, 'Oh now I lay me down to sleep...'
Though these familiar words scarce passed her lips,
She sighed, 'I pray the Lord my soul to take.'
Embraced God's poem of lunar eclipse.

by Brian Johnston Click to read full poem

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It is a very good poem Brian. Congratulations!
Brian, a truly beautiful and heart-felt poem. Accepting someone's acceptance of death is truly remarkable! It eases the suffering of the one who is dying. If only everyone could do this in reality, death would not be so heartless. Fantastic expression of someone ready to die, you did a splendid job on this one.
Beautiful acceptance with calm resignation....! 'The width of my room - twelve lovely dresses, The height of my sky is a bluebird’s flight, The depth of my ocean just one deep breath, But vision’s boundaries are my mind’s sight'........ Beautiful lines which have so much depth like the depth of the ocean! Enjoyed reading this!
Ah Pradip, even the young girl in my poem is weeping up to the moment of her death! How can anyone who feels the vagaries of life not weep. Didn't you ever wonder where all the salt water in the ocean comes from? There are many who weep with us! Cheer up! : -)
Let your gentle hearts be my protection……… Oh God….! You’re here! My tears feel just like rain..... The entire poem is beauty but I particularly liked the last two lines...
this first broke my heart, then lifted my spirit. tell me Brian when I could cease to weep.
: '-( At least you don't turn my nightmares to reality. This is overflowing with passion! The reason for which is really simple; death is an inevitable end, every mortal has to face, and thus we all are somehow connected and similar to each other in aspects like death. The feelings you have for nature, your city, may just be like a diary entry, but topics like love and death is something that is common among us all, and everyone does feel pain and anxiety! No doubt truth is difficult to accept! Don't you think these dark tales turn my nightmares to reality? I almost broke into tears, when I heard about your death in my vision. Don't intensify the pain even more......... Dear passionate writer, don't let us waste our time shedding tears, let's cherish these moments! I don't know, if I'll be able to meet you ever in life's dire course, but you aren't like other travelers, whom I have encountered in my way. Your write will stay forever, somewhere in the nerves of my brain, but owing to my weaknesses, I'll carefully cherish in my fav poems list..... You know I can't stop crying! ~Your well-wisher, buddy, teacher, student, philosopher and above all your friend........... ~Y.S,