A Tale Of Winters Dream

The waxing span of the silver moon
Calls to the breeze of the winters chill
The brittle arms of the lone Birch
Lay still to the frost but are not deterred

And overhead in an Old mans study
Sits a little boy watching all of this quietly
He pulls a quilt to his weary eyes
Watching snowfalls gently like the eiderdown fly

Candles lithe to an enveloped glow
Defeats the shadows, with a golden echo
A thousand creatures, roam up the ceiling
Dragons flicker avidly while unicorns preen near by

The child laughs, as the old man watches
The vital life of youth with imagined glasses
Together they watch the stars and the snow
Forever besieged in this mementos note

by Kevin Patrick

Comments (13)

nice play on words and ability to convey and carry the message
Lovely play on words and still conveying the message. nice job bro
What ever others feel about this poem, I feel that it adds a different dimension to poem. No doubt, you would have put in some effort in bringing it up. Yet, its a different taste. Appreciated.
I read below in the comments somewhere that you put a lot of work into 'Phantasmagoria'. Writing can be very difficult sometimes, something I am sure we all must have experienced. The level of commitment you have put in this poem is simply amazing, definitely worth appreciation and celebration. The poem itself is quite entertaining, refreshing and challenging. I must have read hundreds of poems on PH but am yet to come across one like 'Phantasmagoria'. Thank you Nel, for sharing this wonderful and unique piece.
It gives me the feel of winter and its storms and chill and the winter's blast.
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