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Phantom Loading

In an electrical energy meter
'phantom loading' is done
to simulate full load current
by connecting current coil
to a separate low voltage source
the idea is 'fictitious loading'
for testing purpose
saving huge wastage of time and power.

Our mind is a complex circuit:
we have lots of
unfulfilled desires and dreams in life
aims fly in air
dreams get ruptured
desires gather dust
we can simulate our mind
with the tool of visualization
we can test mind for reactions
we can decipher
the pitfalls and adversities
of our unfulfilled desires
we are all practising silently..
but unaware of this
why bother about your aims
whether realised or not
why ponder about your unfulfilled desires
a colossal wastage of time and energy....
'phantom loading' of mind
is the way out.....
overwhelming the mind with confidence
to face any situation.

by Kishore Kumar Das

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