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Phantom Of The Past
SG (january third 1990 / lebadon, ohio)

Phantom Of The Past

Poem By sandra geisell

my mind wonders here and there
but no matter how hard i try his voice
just seems to hang in the air
i tried to live a life of joy
and act as if i just dont care
but no matter how hard i sigh

all the memorys he gave me
just keep floating by he was
mine he so easly took the stars
from the sky his kiss still
lingers on my lips it makes me wonder

what he has to do with this.
a phantom of the past making
me want for it to last
this want no longer a seed
but something so much more
how could this possible be a need

a love grown so strong
yet still so unknown.a memory trailing
so that none can see
how it could be
grown so strong yet still not shown
a love of the past that
will always last

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