Successors of beliefs,
Spreading hypocrisies...
Like a pharisee.
Careful to be...
Care less of what they do!
And of those things done for 'fun'
They do purposedly to you.
As long as its perceived...
They are the true ones to believe!

Pharisaical are those of this mind.
They are rising to the surface...
In these days and times!

Pharisaical are those of this mind.
Regardless of set rules and laws defined...
They will disobey them.
And label others crazed,
To have life their way!
As they enforce acceptance...
Portraying themselves as 'gold' to trade.
And regular folks who are 'okay'!
But that day comes when they will pay...
For betraying humanity.
And leading us astray to feed on evil!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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