Phenomenal African Man

Poem By charles okoth

Erected several inches above six,
Shoulders as broad as the earth's scope,
Eyes as white as a sheet - and intense,
A smile so vivid and dimples so deep,
Behold my skin as black as a stark night,
Yet my smile reveals teeth as radiant as the stars,
Look at my muscles capped – a natural stalwart,
Verily am I an extraordinaire,
I am a phenomenal African man.

Watch me getting scorched by the sun,
Behold my muscles stretched and strained,
My frock completely drenched in sweat,
Watch my muscles flex as I strike the earth,
From dawn to dusk the field I tirelessly toil,
Thence crops a beautiful carpet of green,
Verily am I a stellar being,
I am a phenomenal African man.

Bewarn your daughters to avoid the river,
Lest they chance upon an exceptional man,
Who would carry them along the river's course,
Cause' my words are soaked in the best honey,
My features are as remarkable as the eastern
And when I love a woman she escapes not,
I am not an ordinary lover,
I am a phenomenal African man.

Thighs as strong as a mules,
Watch me lift my phenomenal woman up the hills,
Then pay attention as the birds chirp ballads,
Behold her come downhill heavy yet happy,
And off her springs two little stouts,
Bouncing and full of this life so cherished,
Verily am I well endowed,
I am a phenomenal African man.

Watch me sit and converse with the gods,
Watch me draw circles and chant incantations,
Then the heavenly banks burst to water our land,
Watch the trees clap as I enter the wilderness,
Behold me sit thence watch the sunset with the
Watch me as I sing and the wind whistles along,
Yet don't you wonder at how this I do,
I am not any typical being,
I am a phenomenal African man.

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