JK (8th December / Ahmedabad, India)

Phenomenal Destiny

Sentenced my love will be, if I ever ever reveal
Locked in my heart it is, so vulnerable that is
Search my being and you’ll find a hurting split
Oozing with love, coz it’s difficult to seize…

Many a juncture I find questions and stares
Many faces that tell my love was nothing but a snare
You ignored or avoided can’t really share
Did the same faces surround you and give you a scare?

Restored my faith was in time and tied to come
Reveling in life, my years freely flowed along
Destined were we to subsist and forego all the sorrow
Brushed away went the memories in a lane furrow…

Erupts my emotions at your slightest site today
Thought they were murdered and lay in vain away
Thumping of my heart does not cease to be
You came running and calling as a friend in need be

Intricate becomes my life and sorry my state
If only I revealed my love on that very day
How do I tell my present about my past decay?
Please justify my measures that I take this day…

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