Phenomenal Man (Ok Maya!)

Poem By David Taylor

Younger Men wonder where my secret lies
I’m not hirsute or built on a weight lifting device
But when I start to tell them
They assume I’m out to dupe ‘em
I say
Its in the reach of my heart
The span of my mind
The strides that I take
The truth on my lips
Because I’m a man
Exceptionally a man like
That’s what I can.

I walk into a room
Nervous, ill at ease
And to the women
They just don’t care
It’s as if I am not there.
But when I speak
And speak from the heart
They come and sit beside me
And try to find if I just might be
The hero they’ve been seeking
Or just another deadbeat
That wants to make their heartbeat
In a lustful one night stand
Because I’m a man
Exceptionally a man like
That’s what I can.

Women sometimes wonder
What it is in me
They look but they can’t find it
The me that’s inside me
When I try to tell them
They say it’s hard to see
Well its not that I am hiding
I am plain to see
Just softly spoken, caring
I’m just the man you see!

So I have my failings
I never said I can
Meet all your expectations
And be exactly what it says
on the outside of the can
Of course I’ll make mistakes
And seek to make amends
And whether you still like me
I guess that all depends
Will you just adore me
And let me be what I am
Exceptionally a man
And just a man who can:

Write you beautiful poems
And show you that you may
Have faith in just one man.
Well at least for just one day.
And after a lifetime
Of loving, me and you
You will learn to trust me
In total through and through.

Comments about Phenomenal Man (Ok Maya!)

That was beautiful. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to like it. I'll have to see if I can find more things you've written. Blessings, Veela
David, I love this and I love you! Hugs Anna xxx
MY GOSH, he's got it.....Just Perfect David, spot on target, in a man, it's all about their 'heart' and well maybe the look of sincerity in the eyes, for through those eyes you can often see if there's a heart and soul within. It's not the extras that get us, it's the 'real' of what's there. Don't care what others think, I still believe our words represent who we are within. Grand it. marcixo

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