Phil Bart Kills Me

He was a left handed lying liberal
Who wore his watch on his right wrist
Opposite of the norm
He was also an ambidextrous liar
Who could lie convincingly
from both sides of his mouth
even when his lips weren't moving
He is the lowest of the low.....
And if I could
I would take him with me when I go....
How long can you hold your breath underwater?

by Ted Sheridan

Comments (3)

Ted! do NOT let the Bad Guy get you down..........You are the winner, the honest, trusting soul.....excellent write, great form of release of pain.......hugs, marci.xo~~~
This is very well written Ted - it's no mean feat to be able to reign in genuine anger well enough to write a good poem, but you've managed it here. Hugs Anna xxx
I like this Ted. In one sense the humour seems to be the obvious but it has a very skilled narration to it.