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Phil Ruddock Says

Phil Ruddock says that not all refugees are homeless he's going by what his advisers to him say
How can they expect to stay here in my Country if they've thrown all of their I.D. away
We feed and clothe them and keep them in enclosures yet they
complain that we give them a raw deal
These ungrateful people make me feel so angry and can anyone
blame me for the way I feel? .

Phil Ruddock says that he's such a generous fellow that he's one who has done so much for the poor
And he secretly feels that he's Australia's greatest Minister for Immigration and of his place in history he feels sure
He says that all boat people are queue jumpers we'll make life hard on every boat refugee
It's not my fault if they are poor and Stateless and from
oppressive Governments they flee.

Phil Ruddock says he'll send a strong message to the people smugglers the boat people can go to live elsewhere
And the Government stand seems favourable to the voters and
that the Government retain power is all that we care
In the public opinion polls we had been doing poorly but
the 'Tampa Affair' for us has changed all that
In politics a week can seem a long time and we have our opposition on the mat.

Phil Ruddock is an overpaid public servant and he would not know what hardship is all about
He's only known a privileged existence and he's never had to live from hand to mouth
He belongs to a so called Liberal Party who do not espouse
To people who are poor, displaced and Stateless they do not offer any sympathy.

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