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Phillipe Hernandez Jr.
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Phillipe Hernandez Jr.

Poem By Austin Lockwood

I found a bald eagle soaring high
His colorful wings floating up in the sky

red white and blue his feathers did shine
with dreadlock hair and majesty divine

he soared in from the east like the rising sun
he let out a cry and was having fun

he swooped down low
to say hello

hello he said
do you have any bread

for a bald eagle as fair as me
my name is Phillipe can't you see

I fly from coast to coast
this great land I do boast

from sea to shining sea

if it's bread that you ask
that's a simple task

for Iowa is filled with corn

I'll bake you some bread for your noble endeavor
I'll do it right now the sooner the better

having baked the bread
I then said

Phillipe here is your bread and I hope you enjoy
for our meeting here has filled me with joy

goodbye Phillipe I hope you have fun
on your journey against the rising sun

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