Be-Live The Passion

I used to just think, now I believe, I give everything and the kitchen sink.
Ive had to un-think what I thought were just my thoughts. Id be lying, if I belied what I believe to be my beliefs.
That is to say, that what I have said all along, In other words I haven’t spoken.
Do you hear?
Do you see?
Now see here!
You will go deaf and dumb if you rely on beer.
Inside, outside, upside, down.
The upside to the inside out doubts is what you haven’t felt in a while
An upside down frown…a smile!
Do you hear?
Don’t you see?
Now see here!
You see, I now really see me, myself and I.
Us three are free,
The reality is we’re now not afraid to die!

by conor o gara

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