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Philomena Cronin

The memories of my younger years in me remain strong
Philomena Cronin a friend of the past born as Philomena Long
Through the medium of the internet me she did trace
We were childhood friends in our first homeplace

The eldest of Jer and Mary Long's five children into a young woman she did grow
In a beautiful cottage near where Cails waters flow
On it's journey to the Finnow in old fields from here far away
With a babbling tongue never still night or day

A fine looking woman when in her life's prime
I have not seen Philomena for quite a long time
A young woman of the sixties a grandmother today
Time ticks on and on as some do like to say

And though she is one i may not meet again
Fond memories of Philomena with me does remain
A good mother to her family and to Johnny Cronin a good wife
It is good to know that she is enjoying life.

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