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She was born and raised in Annagloor in a cottage in view of Clara Hill
Her mother Mary as a child used to call her the Brave Phil
A name she lives up to for she is honest and brave
Good traits that she will carry with her to the grave

The eldest of five girls and a boy of the late Jer and Mary Long
The friendships she has forged in life today does remain as quite strong
She is one of those big hearted people without any desire for renown
There has not been too many like her in Annagloor near Millstreet Town

For close to fifty years married to the recently deceased artist John Cronin in time one can say quite a span
John was quite an honorable fellow a good woman deserves a good man
Philomena a good mum to her children and to John she was such a good wife
And though she has known days of sadness she is one who can laugh at life

Since i last saw Philomena and John it must have been over thirty years ago
Since then there has been many Seasons and time becomes everyone's foe
But people like she is do not change much she looks on life's brighter side
And of those she feel are in need of helping of her help she has never denied.

The Brave Phil her mum used to call her and she does live up to her name
Since for the best of good human values she is one who carries the flame
One i have not seen for many Seasons but good memories of her with me does remain
In the big hearted and brave Philomena Duhallow's loss became Sliabh Luachra's gain.

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