Philosophical Question

I check my website stats each morning
to see what people, and machines,
have been there drinking at my pool.

I also have a Guestbook on my site.
Some days I find a note
that leaves me glowing like
a warm hand's held my hand,
or someone's hugged me.

But those stats! They say a guy
in Omaha, and someone in Mumbai
have been there, and I even know
what pages have been looked at.
Yet these people haven't written in.
Did they absorb a thing?
What did they love? What did they hate?

It's like the question posed
by Bishop Berkeley, that you study
in Philosophy: a tree falls
in the forest, and no one's
there to hear — so, is it real?

by Max Reif

Comments (3)

I could not understand what exactly you want to mean by this poetry but it’s quite ironical for your readers. Every one might not be able to compose lyrics in abundance like you but that doesn’t mean that they do not have the passion for philosophical ideas. You must be more openhanded towards you well wishers.
I too have often wondered when the mysterious readers come and go, but leave no comment, was my work an embarrassment to me, was it so terrible they didn't even bother to comment, or did it leave no lasting impression. Glad to see my own thoughts so well expressed by you, Max. WELL DONE!
Oh! ! ! you are soooooo right, what can be gained by knowledge un-stuck or is it a greater wisdom that they speak, by being silent have they said more, UMmmmmmmmmmm! I love these questions, gets the gears going again love duncan X