Philosophizing Impurity

Pvritatem est non

The notion of purity
This idealized impossibility
Cursing us for ages
Men of longing, men of fear
Scanning the firmament for perfection
Only the braver souls
Can accept the desolation they find
Perhaps not of divinity's absence
But the inherent blemish
That cloaks creation
Negating the cleanliness of Yah
Turning our eyes elsewhere
The wholeness of existence
Emanates a persistent impurity
Inspiring the pessimism of strength
Aligning us with the spectre of wisdom and truth
Liberating us from anti-reality
Flawless in our flaws
Victorious in our losses
Eternal in our mortality
Elegance in the revolting

Omnis inmvnditia

by Aaron Lynn

Comments (1)

Aloha Aaron... mutantur omnia nos et mutamur in illis... The wholeness of existence... perplexing thought in these few words... You have penned a small wonder in this write... Aligning us with the spectre of wisdom and truth... What a glorious wish! to be included in the fomentation of divine design... Being careful not to wish for all things in perfection... as the big guy is sure the eloquent joker when it comes to the issue of providence divine... and further... your word work is of an exceptional quality... Thank you for your efforts, for your interests in writing up, and for allowing me to have a bit of higher thought this eve... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two