Poem By Vivian Aston

What is an art?
An art
is creative
of the mind
in creation of mankind.
Arts are foods
which are good
in our lives.
There are five
Fitting in a glove
expressing love.
They are music dance drama art and literary
these arts of five
Make up life.
it is done
by people
Who can create
The making
That we are taking
For granted
Which is demanded.
Which is mentioned
depends specially on music.
many centuries ago
Arts were done
which are gone
are the days
To say
in secrets
We today
can express freely
in arts
Our moods
from the roots
of our depressions
Which arts cures when
and diminish our aggressions?
Arts is with us
by nature
Which is pure
Without arts
We cannot survive
We must give
so that arts
Continue to live
Long live arts.

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