To understand is Hope-to have doubt is not Faith,
To really believe is a great achievement,
But to plunge into an abyss is despair,
To know the depth of pain is acknowledgement!
Memoirs are episodes given of patience,
And the stillness of nothing leads to doubts,
Being skeptical, might still blend with might,
But coincidences cause turmoil inside out!
We need to believe in whatever is true
and have Friendship upon which to rely,
But that utter disbelief we do suffer
Tends to waver our trust and we cry!
Grief does not hold a candle or gleam,
misunderstandings will always be there;
Along with nightmares of major proportions
Through depths of shadows from out of nowhere!
To believe it or have an iota of Hope,
To learn is to know full well of the Door
Leading to Foggy Maizes "tween Heaven & Earth
And that Celestial Path unto God's peaceful shore!

by Elma M. Rasor

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