Philosophy About Anything - Anyone Could Say

Poem By Baktavatshalam Shanmugam

'I know ', what i don't know now or later,
earthly to celestial bodies vary identities,
discipline of disciples learnt by themselves,
distant ideas and grapple thoughts,
Gather ideas and grapple thoughts,
gear up for next vision from where,
clear often naive leads to notion become unclear,
philosophies of my-selves might become old when new'selves born,
philosophers are always old, but philosophies are older,
nature's philosophies, well understanding,
natural philosophers know how to understand,
so what exactly is philosophy?
just to leave earth peacefully,
will it work? not sure according to philosophically,
so no is philosopher as philosophy is a mist,
because pain of living a philosophical life is a rejoice,
now philosophy exist but can't exist philosophers,
because study of man is also philosophy,
philosophy is an eternal word untold,
philosopher is an short-lived and said....

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