Philosophy: Brains Are Portions Indivisible

This world is a construct of
blurred holographic frequencies,
transformed mathematically into

sense perception by a hologram-brain;
objective reality has no need to exist
within the holographic paradigm.

Eastern religions always claimed
the material world is Maya, we are
not physical beings moving through

a physical world, it is illusionary;
we are Receivers floating through
kaleidoscopic frequencies

transmogrified by us into physical
reality within just one of the super-
hologram’s many channels.

The paranormal forms that part of
nature because individual brains
are portions indivisible with everything

infinitely interconnected, telepathy
becomes a way to access the holograph’s
information – I wish I were open to it;

the nearest I can get is through
the Internet but I can’t read fast enough,
summarise well enough to retain

it all in my brain – may I please
access yours, whomever you are, since
we are supposedly interconnected?

by Margaret Alice

Comments (1)

Access denied, you need V9.001.01 of serial adapter XV11Gz /Phz to enable data packet translation... Heavens, imagine the fun with on-line telepathy protocol upgrades! But a fun poem Margaret, and worthy of the thoughts... Rgds, Ivan