(October Second Ninteen-Seventy-Four / Grace Maternity Halifax)

Philosphical Rantings Of A Student Shaman

whats it mean shaman?
a lot of things
meaning meanings change
meaning meaningful meanings meant more
matter of fact mattered materialistically
maternally mutual mastering of methodical meandering
evolutionary relativity, resounding infinitely clearer
disconnection from systematic mind control mirrors
mass medium media absorbtion mogulled unmoralistical
tyrannical to behold betwixt befall
bohemoth dumb
folly forseen and foreseeing, foaming seas
absorb, inhale, snake to natures rhythm
seek for hidden truths in plain sight
listen to cosmic parablistic cause
affect rippling effect into be
sat stretching new shapes me
courage to release me to be
less me equals more be
frequency curve grow
application seems slow
forcing flow, don't force
release, relinquish all hold
instead reach out, seek to be held
and in society, thats where this ends

nature, all things naturally exist
thus all is nature, yet stand apart
dehumanize in all concept structures
open up paradigm ruptures dig down to roots
its always been growing us and if thats so
one small step for the cosmos
one giant leap for earth
when the world knows too
whats we do
it happened before
it will happen again
its just a question

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