As a baby, acousticophobia,
Me a toddler, achluophobia,
When sick, trypanophobia,
Student life of, examphobia,
A girl of, entomophobia,
A teenager, arrhenphobia,
The youth’s, gamophobia,
A spouse, cholerophobia
A wife’s philophobia,
A timid’s pentheraphobia,
A mother, paedophobia,
A forester’s spouse, agrizoophobia,
Accident at Ooty, aeroacrophobia,
Sutures, dystychiphobia,
At forty one, gerascophobia,
Phobia, phobia, phobia…
Phobia of Phobias…
Where is your end?
Running have I been
Since birth still,
Endlessly chased by you!
Tired am I frustrated!
Polishing my mind,
Commanded I myself;
Above turn! !
Attention! ! !
Targeted I straight at you,
My eyes of will power;
As stones sharp…
Laughing heartily
At you flee as
A wounded stray dog! ! !

by Uma Ram

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You have classified all the phobias. No phobia seems to be left. One should dwell in that domain which is not covered by your poem. Thank you.