Phoenix Arising

Poem By Steve Nottingham

Eternal art thou
Birthed in celestial flames
Arching wings spread wide
Mighty talons posed to strike
Yours is a beauty both terrible and wondrous
You are the Phoenix arising.

Fated though you are to die
burnt upon scented pyre
Still you arise.
Reborn from your very ashes
Birthed in fire
You are the Phoenix arising.

You have traveled far
Born on flaming wings into death's very maw
What strange and terrible sights have you beheld?
Perhaps 'tis best not to know
Such knowledge might damn the soul
You are the Phoenix arising.

Once more you are reborn
Rising aloft on flame-seared wings
Giving voice to a loud, resounding cry
In which there is mixed awful sadness and joy
A sound piercing to the soul's very core
You are the Phoenix arising.

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