VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Phoenix Friendship

Something’s occurring in a way that’s meant to be
Price found; in every demise, even when you’re free
A chorus of events, replayed over and over again
Sapping the strength, when trying to fight the pain
Feeling so stupid and low, front the unforgiving jury
When minds are made up before, even before my plea

Kneeling before the one thing, that ever mattered to me
Whilst I’m the beseeching, of what kindness is left to see
And withstand the rage and tears that I witness of you
A perspective mired and disfigured, by what is true
Somehow I can find the words, by thinking this way
But the speaking, of my feelings sees gibberish’s delay

As my pitiful presence for you, seems to invoke the hate
How foolish actions of the thoughtless, now pains generate
Every vicious word spoken, to defy my repenting heart
Like a song with no end, song of anguish to tear me apart
Too much have I done, that my face is a picture, of disgust
When a single moment of illusion, stolen by foolish lust

Somehow I stand before you; my judge, jury and executioner
Guilt looming over me, like an oil of the crudest nature
Never enough said, to vent the fury of how you hate this
Nothing left in a storm, that’s replaced our once known bliss
But somehow when the clouds are gone, a new sun starts
On a new horizon, when all is vented from swollen hearts

A simple understanding, is left when all the damage is done
An Angel embrace, touched you inside and you saw the sun
Forgiveness is conjured, from somewhere deep once more
So I pray to try and understand, my errors, my heart so sore
Inside you I can confide again, and this extraordinary kinship
I realise now the rarest gift of all, is this phoenix friendship

by Vision Ghost

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