Phone Call To Little Brothers Far Away

Baby, I miss your handshakes
Soccer balls
Screams at 8am
Outside my door
Metal cars
I’d trip over

Baby, I miss the summers we spent on couches
At tables, in libraries, with flashcards,
The Bob books you hated so I
Wrote you my own.
Together we tackled all 26 letters
And their basic three-letter combinations:
The H’s and W’s, the’s and bat’s we worked especially on.
(By the end we had run out of words you knew that
Began with a “hhh” sound) .

Gina, we’re bored. What are you doing?

I’d like to be bored with you, Baby.
Instead of essays, calculus, laundry,
Alarm clocks, have-to’s, should-have’s
I’d take a break from the real world
And sit in yours for a while.

We’d build Lego spaceships and fly them
In the woods,
Our greatest fear being spiders in the dirt,
We’d play Madlibs,
Eat pasta with parmesan cheese,
With no worries of calories or cholesterol,
Watch The Emperor’s New Groove on the VCR
(Stay up past your bedtime on a school night
Because I want you with me as long as possible) .

by gina prettybrowneyes

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You communicate the sweetness of this relationship simply and memorably.