Phony smiles of your crippled thoughts
Sponge-like cunts need sturdy cocks
Motherfucker, pull over for a piss stop
I'm your inner fear, mad as a hurt cop

Pull down your pants and I'll kick your ass
Give me a blowjob! It's your last chance
Freeze! Don't move! I'm about to come
Rehearse your role, even it's too dumb

by Aram Stefanian

Comments (1)

Oh, such nasty words. My Victorian sensibilities are so vioated. NOT! ! The truth is - yawn - we've seen this kind of thing many many times before. You're angry, Fine. But could you be a little more coherent about what you're supposedly angry about or who you're angry at, and why? Not that I expect much insight in the midst of anger, but at least some. However, I do like the 'Freeze, I'm about to come' line. Deliciously denigrating to whoever it's directed at.