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NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)


Poem By Not Long Left

freeze me inside a photo
a moment in time,
which remians forever more,
it doesnt decay,
nor does it age with every new day.
i am a child ice cream in hand,
never will it melt its frozen-
in time.
i am a child naked and free,
untouched by vanity,
i am a child tanned skin,
delicate and fresh,
on that beach i will forever stay,
that smile so sincere,
let me return to that year,
i am a child standing upon the golden sand,
mothers there to hold my hand,
i am a child forever more,
behind me the sea,
calmy caresses the golden shore.

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A longing for yesterday? Well, i don't have that kind of wishes, but you are nonetheless very interesting. I find personal development more important than making the good times last... I am a very keen photographer, always caught between my ideals and my actions. I didn't meant to be this self-centrered, just wanted to give you a compliment, it is a nice piece of poetry, even though i disagree :) Take another look at the work of Kristoffer Vilsgaard, he is a friend of mine and very gifted, in my humble and not so objective, opinion.. Be well. A. Michelsen