PE (born 23-11-1950 / Cape Town, South Africa)


It's been a while now
Since I owned a camera
I mean a real camera.

I remember the days
I used to load a new reel of film,
Twenty-four blank screens
Awaiting to be filled,
And set off to shoot them all
On a self-imposed assignment.

The quick aesthetic thrill
That comes of walking along
Brain in composition mode
Scanning back and forth
For an appealing subject
As one walks.

Then suddenly
Body freezes:
Here! - No, back! No, forward!
THIS composition!
From THIS angle!
With THIS lighting
Is perfection:

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i love this. I know how you feel. I lost my camera over the summer and it makes me so aggravated when I see someone or something from the perfect angle and I just want to click!