Phuque The Salmon...Let The Humans Live

there is no poem anticlimactic.....(words I just plagiarized...did so enjoy them)

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Delilah: Too many typos in my previous comment, so I'm re-posting as follows: I'm nostalgic for the days of Theater of the Absurd. Waiting for Godot. (Talk about anticlimactic, Godot never shows up...) Or Magritte? Ceci n'est pas une pipe. This is not a pipe, this is not a poem. But you see it is, in this case. It is not just a picture of a poem. Perhaps it is performance art. People running around a school bus in the nude crying, 'Salmon, Salmon! ' Or maybe they're saying Salmon Rushdie. (That would be like lox on the run, right?) Happy motoring, G
this to be taken with a nearly copious amount of sel de mer....actually, the title makes reference to the moronic activies of some local fanatics...(no, not the salmon themselves) .....some misguided dolts with little information and nothing else to foolish as all brainless zealots.....