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Phyco Analitic

Your smile speaks so many story's
Yet your eyes speak of absolute fear
So much fear I get lost in them

Your facade can't hide your misery
I know you bleed internally
Your walk is smooth so you know what your doing

Your outer shell is dense
As if you have been constructing it for year's
I am for ever lost in that

You hide yourself in that shell like a turtel
Poking your head out to see if its safe
Yet you feel that's its never safe

You run from the past
As if it is a constant threat
But its not

One cannot dwell in the pains of what was
That's a terrible way to live
It's also a quick way to die

You stray in social error
All those years of torment has taken a tole
It will all even it self out

Don't be afraid
Nothing can be born from that
You cannot keep running

Find someone who makes you happy
And you will be happy
The pain will go away

You don't know what is in the unforeseen future
Yet you are always trying to figure it out
That simply cannot be

All you need is a friend
Someone to tell you that its alright
Your not the only miserable person alive

Yet you have every right to be
But you shouldn't
Let it out.

Girl in the sunset
become the one on that island
so the warm winds can bind our hearts together...

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