Physical Of Square 2

The universe dreams
As it try to sleep day and night
When that's not possible
It started to think

'Am I stationary
Or am I on the move'

Stillness in motion
Or movement in stillness
Too big and too slow perhaps
To grasp on these details

The universe squeezes
Making itself smaller
Looking inwards
And it saw
A cripple staring at the ticking clock
It stirred
The cripple asked
'Is order the origin of chaos? '
The universe answer with it's feeling
As it felt the tremor of expansion
Within it

The universe imagine
Interspersing these collective unconsciousness
That's hovering inside its system
One on top of another
Forming squares upon squares
Of perfection
Achieving simpleness
The end is never near
It knows

by Rozmanshah Abdullah

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