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Physically You Feel Quite Healthy

Physically you feel quite healthy yet you wish that you were dead
Hang on to your life 'tis precious there are better times ahead
We all have our good and bad days that's life as some do say
Though things not going well now for you good times cannot be far away
For you life is a great battle and you live in despair
Of ever again knowing happiness but you just hang in there
For good times for you may be coming why should you wish to die
That for some death is better than life who ever spoke that lie
You feel down in the dumps lately nothing for you is going right
And life for you has become a battle it is an uphill fight
Few seem to wish to know you when you are feeling down
You walk the streets so lonely like an outcast of the town
Physically you feel quite healthy but alone you shed your tears
Your life is at a low point the worst you've felt for years.

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