MN (11-08-1970 / )

''Physician, Heal Thyself''

He may not understand
why I've taken such a turn.
Was my life for nothing
or is there something I could learn?

I'd like to help their healing
and ease their troubled mind.
I want to be the comfort
that they never yet could find.

It makes it all seem worth it
to know I'll put it all to use
the years of so much suffering
through lonely, cold abuse.

He asked me what I'm looking for
in those books upon my shelf.
I heard Him whisper softly...
''Physician, heal thyself''

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I think this has a very powerful message, Mary...and again, you did it with rhyme which still sort of floors me! I love the message. I think we go into certain disciplines because of the fires we've been through in our lives. I can totally relate to this poem.
search for someone who appreciates the healer in you....because what i sense is a good, warm hearted one...good luck
Mary, I think you would be even better in the rhyming type poems if you used a pattern with the number of syllables. Say 9 8 9 8 or all 8's etc. Know what I mean? I am not trying to be unnice. H
Very nicely done Mary. An appropriate lesson to learn. Rusty
sometimes I think I only write in order to give myself a pep talk.
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