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Pi’s Incantation (A Forum Rebuttal)

I spun poem trim
in the lean of revolving doors pace
caught in cleavage air chopping as pi
oscillated through infinities incantation

I stung hiccups by flute’s blast
until repetition balled and tangled

I flung notion
to pick up my body
and pheromones responded
courting in natural laws.

I freed myself
from webs
and heavy dust
the chains of history

~I slid
into the gorge
and heard the whispers
of two lactal twins....

with much reluctance left
to find a home
for baritones and flutes,
I settled for the damp
of morning red horizons
in the east.

Probed waiting forward
not to trip up my zombie
nor fall on my shadow’s deferential shambles
recalling emancipated dishevelment’s of the night before

~ I shall fly 'till I get to the rafters
and just sit there the whole bloody night.
And I'll curse all the bloomin' hereafters
from the pedestal's heavenly light.

So I take into noon
my long tailed mythical bat,
chomping on speculate a vampire bite
I pierce into my apple and count pies till night
shining out as stars spin, warmed by delight.

~ Would you share with me dear
all the comforts of night?
Would you shed just one tear
in the fast dimming light?
Would you cling to my skin
drink my blood to your fill
will you take me within
for the ultimate thrill?

I’d share with you one flower
as pistil, petal, stamen all roam
but when they come perfumed together
tis called ultimately, shrill of nature’s poem

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Stunning write you two...great read...Fi 10+++
Okay! I ran this by Dan who almost never shares my appreciation of poetry unless it is Shakespeare. You two, wonderful writers that you are, have turned this upside down.He LOVES your stuff and so do I. The latest one is so open to interpretation (something i like best) and I agree with Fiona, you are special, both of you. Sarahxx