Piano Love

she's been waiting for this moment for so long
her love for the piano was so strong
she settled at the piano for so long
that afternoon the hall was crowded
it was rainy outside and that was what she wanted
she begins to play. her fingertips are trembling
everyone thought she was frightened
they didn't know, how could they know
shes just magnifying her lover
It's not fear she's feeling
its love that her heart has been beating
a piano love
now she closes her eyes
and tears begin to run down her cheeks
their souls are now intertwined
they can feel each other
its the moment of perfection
it's a piano love..
a love that no one can describe
but her..

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that was amazing! ! ! ! ! ! I just love it! ! ! ! ! keep it up mdf! love u! lota of love, xx e g
a lovely poem..lovely flow of loving words..thanks!
A lovely poem. Thanks.