RM (5/17/89 / Grand Forks)

Pick Your Poisen

Now featuring our main creature
His eyes red from the smoke
His smile weak like a paper cup
As you watch and choke
Notice the smears of make-up
He ain't like the rest, He ain't like them
When he gets started he rolls like a rim
He'll hurt until the light dims
And he just might hurt himself
Stored letters on a old dusty shelf
Reveal his inner angst
Deeply disturbed, He is need of mental help
He always feels out of place
No smell of flowers, never mistake his grace
He is a refection of myself
But he ain't me

Curtains open and the show begins
Get ready for sex, fire and sin
Notice the boy that holds the matches
And all the butterflies he catches
He argues with trees
He is everything but me
He is the exact child I once was
But he ain't me

Lights and repercussions
The crowd screams and the crowd rushes
For the glimpse of the perfect mistake
He just has about all he can take
A boy in a room
Come one Come All, Hurry Hurry come soon
Kids pay a buck and disappointed parents get in free
He is the circus freak you see
Enter 25 cents to promote your concern
Just wait until you see the light turn green
To see him in his full feeble position, Total Hurt

He is a work of art, Paint him sane
Whistling lone shopping cart, rolling down a road I forget its name
It’s where I go when I feel locked down
Somewhere to escape the crowd and sound
Just to ignore the chatter of the background
I am the original glassed man
I am nothing more then the man without hands
Too hard to stand, when you have no real reason to get up and see
That god damn light turns green and those evil people looking at me
Low hanging diplomas
Scented candle aroma
Poisoning the child that looks so much like me

by Ray Mesa

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