Picking The Perfect Prize

Goose bumps run like rapid along my back as I open the door in excitement for the sight of small floppy puppies.

The small yelps come shooting from every corner through the air like bullets, rickashaying through the room.

The fog on the glass from tiny paws disappears quickly as they scurry around the cage in search for my devotion.

I think I found the one, her nose damp, wisps on the glass leaving streaks as she is drawn out of her cage in pursuit for my arms.

She slides quickly like a fish in water as she scampers across the floor.

The smell of puppy breath filters through my nose as she jumps in the air for attention.

The array of bright colorful toys, look like a rainbow scattered in the playpen.

Her warm fluffy fur filters through my fingers when she slips through my hands.

The small wet tongue tickles as it repetitively swipes across my toes.

Her nails pouncing around on the tile floor as she flutters throughout the pen in search for the squish toy.

I mesh through the variety of colors in search for the perfect collar.

My heart beats fast like a drum as I found the perfect puppy for now the search is over.

by Sara Marus

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