MKA (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)

Pictorial Angel

I have seen the face of an angel,
Lenient and at the same time striking,
Sending me amongst sleeping bushes
While I become a floret.
I have been captivated by his soul,
Austere and profound beyond compare.
With his simple touch
I’m taken by his drift to where
Rainbows are formed
While my heart peals like thunder
Evoking my mind, sending a message to
My soul as I derive to look for such a
Pictorial angel trapped in the form of a man.
He surfaces in my dreams
As I close my eyes at night
With a starry sky over my roof;
In my heart, he leaves whispers that form a
Lullaby to capture my fears while he
Parades my skin with his warm kisses.
He is mystical and sullen,
Too precious for my eyes.
I perceive, accepting his love,
While in my heart he resides
Taking me on a journey each moment
I close my eyes.

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