Great Sea

I frequently fled my compound
For you openly refused to chill out
Now that I'm safe and alive,
All I ask is to extinguish your firery waves
And allow me pass and see all I left behind

I lingered abroad for so long
...That all the strangers began to continuously talk
As if to no where I belonged

Let me pass and gaze
At the land again
At the long mountain
At the swishing fountain
At the musical rain

Great sea
If you can only let me see,
If you can only let me gaze
At my childhood landscape
At the enchanting-warm people
At the shine-shimmering moon light
A tribute-to you- I will pay.

by mariechantal tuyisabe

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Every now on then I go through the pictures and say how sorry I am, The pictures of you and I won’t get ripped or deleted, Very nice description. beautiful.10