Picture In Writing- Explosive Heart

Poem By Zachary Clougher

Explosive Heart

This picture is no person in particular nor is it of any special place.

It is about midnight and in the star filled sky that you can see through the clearing, you can see the constellation called Draco. There is a light breeze passing through the trees with a hint of rain in it. This breeze carries with it a few leaves that wish to dance even though all their brothers and sisters clinging to the trees are still a dark and healthy green. On one low tree branch you find you can see a small night owl watching you with eyes that glow in the low light like amber night lights. It has no malice in its eyes, only curiosity. Surrounding the constellation is a dark gray and heavy storm cloud that promises for no light spring rain. The cloud is covering most of the sky and seems to be reaching out with its arms to embrace and smother the stars. Within the clouds there is a bust of light filling the center of the billowing monstrosity. The lighting can't be seen from this point of view but the lightning makes the cloud seem like it is cracking.

This moment is held in place through eternity by this picture. So we will never know if the cloud will hold together or if it will suddenly burst apart because of the explosion within and dissipate to reveal the stars above with all their shining splendor.

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very beautiful and powerful- I hope you share more.

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