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Picture Of You

I stare in wonder
And you stare back,
But I look into your eyes,
I’m lost in your eyes,
Lost in your eyes,
Lost in your eyes,
Standing on an island,
Rocks above the waves,
They wear away around me,
The eddies swirl them away,
It pulls and I pull back,
Lapping round my feet,
Hands slide round my ankles,
Curling tendrils that pluck at me
Grabbing me
Lifting me
Pulling me
Casting me into the flow,
Struggle, pointless struggle,
The current has claimed me,
Your eyes have claimed me,
I am yours,
The servant of the eyes,
Those beautiful eyes,
Crawling to you,
Bowing to you,
Praying to get lost again.
You stare at me
And I can't help wondering
What you see.

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