Picture On The Wall

My beautiful wife in the picture on the wall,
stares at me with the wide beautiful eyes,
greets me in the morning with the graceful smile,
welcomes me in the evening with her enchanting charm,
at one time she would be waiting for me at the door,
now she waits for me smilingly from the picture on the wall.

In the bright sunny days,
when the house is an empty nest,
She comes out of the captivity from the picture,
She quietly enjoys the beautiful music,
all the oldies and songs fill up her soul,
She enjoys her spurt of the moment dances,
in the melody of inaudible musical songs.

She adorns her neck with the immortal silk flowers garland,
Her body blossoms with the beauty of surrounding flowers,
All her dreams seem to come alive,
with the glow of love radiating from her face.
She stretches and extends her hands,
to meet her family thru the invisible bond.
The warmth of her presence,
is omnipresent even in the dim lights of the room.

In the dark starry nights,
the mellow moon light shines on her,
She smells as fragrant as the jasmine flowers,
Her eyes twinkle with pleasure,
as she is going to meet her eternal lover.

She comes and sleeps on her side of the bed,
With her invisible arms around me,
I get intoxicated in my sleep with her warm embrace.
When I tell her how much I love her in my sleep,
I could see the teary eyes even in the pictures of my dream.

Before the dawn sets in,
She quietly disappears from our midst,
She covers the fragrance of her body wrapped in her dress,
Her eyes are wide open to welcome any unfinished dreams,
She becomes captive again in the picture on the wall.

by Jay P Narain

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Hope I may call you Jay, I just joined this particular site as a member this week. I have long since been writing on other forums. May I be honest for a moment? I am suprised at the sheer lack of great talent. With a ranking system, you would think the leader would be writing amazing poetry. Not so! You are one of four! that I have found that I truly am mezmerized by your words. Trust me I have searched. Your poetry is wonderful. I am adding you to my favorites! -Robin