Pictures From The Past

Quietly reminiscing, seeing images of the past
with good and bad memories coming to light again.

Loving to see them, even though at times they are
bittersweet, bringing tears to my eyes and pain
to my heart.

Mind and intellect opening up, letting me see and
feel everything again as if it is just happening
right now.

Pictures of thoughts from the past, showing every
detail that happened then, along with feelings
and emotions being felt.

Seeing expressions, gestures, eyes tearing or joy-
ful, all of it being handed to me generously each
time I go back into visions of yesterday.

Such a rewarding experience, even though being
fraught with good and bad images, filled with all
emotions being felt.

Taking it all in, over and over through these years,
splendid and totally perceptual, giving new ideas as
to what to do if these same problems arise again.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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