Pictures Still Say What Words Can Not

I have no wish like others,
To feel and relive miseries.
There is nothing about sorrow,
That has an interest for me.

Some folks share their grief,
And can not leave these moments alone.
Folks like these I choose not to be around.
Nor are they invited near or inside my home.

I've had my days of weeping tears.
And for years they would not stop.
My heart has pounded in my chest...
Feeling I would pass out or dead I would drop!

But faith so strong I kept inside of me.
Even when those I thought were close...
Chose to leave me alone.
There was a message from God I learned from that.

When people think one is down and out...
They will make their true identities known!
And just how much time,
If any...
They have,
To make their feelings shown.

When one is flat on their back...
Folks can show where they are coming from.
With no need to express where they are at!
Or vocalize what they wish others to believe.
Pictures still say what words can not!
And some words unheard,
Can be the best one unseen can leave!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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